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Privacy & Cookie Policy



We inform you that the personal data you have provided us and those that you will provide us with – possibly also by purchasing products and / or services provided by us upon payment or by participating in our promotions and / or offers – and those that we will acquire in the course of the present relationship and / or further relations between you and us, will be processed by La Bandiera, with registered office in Civitella Casanova (PE), C.da Pastini, 4, as Data Controller – manually and through computer systems – for purposes related to the supply of the service and / or the product that requested us.

For the sole purposes set out above, your data may be disclosed to subsidiaries and / or affiliates of La Bandiera, their consultants and other sub-suppliers of services.

The above processes are necessary to provide you with the product and / or service you have requested.

Finally, we would like to point out that La Bandiera can send you, by e-mail – if you have provided us with your address – the purchase of products or services similar to those that have already been requested us and that, in this case, we will always remind you of the possibility to express the desire not to receive further analogous communications and that during its navigation on the pages of the site, La Bandiera can install on the browser used by you technical cookies in order to improve its user experience.

You will find more details about these cookies and the treatments related to them in paragraph three below.


With your consent, your personal data may be processed by La Bandiera for commercial and promotional purposes, also performed in the interest or on behalf of other Group companies.

If you give your consent, therefore, you may receive commercial communications via paper mail, telephone calls with the operator as well as through automated contact tools (such as e-mail, fax, sms).

Furthermore, subject to its consent, the data may also be disclosed to other Group companies operating in the publishing sector and to companies operating in the following sectors with which La Bandiera could conclude partnership agreements: editorial, mass consumption, distribution, financial, insurance. , automotive, services and humanitarian and charitable organizations, as well as telecommunications.

These companies may use your personal data for commercial and promotional purposes.

Finally, with your consent, La Bandiera will be able to analyze and collect data relating to your experience of use of our platforms, products, services and use of our content.

This process is more fully illustrated in the following paragraph dedicated to the cds. cookies and profiling activity.

Your consent to the processing referred to in this paragraph is optional.


Cookies are small snippets of text stored on your browser through the website you visit. The websites use cookies to store information about your browsing, your preferences or to manage access to areas reserved for you. The operators of the websites and the subjects who install them through the same sites can access only cookies that have stored on their browser. Here you can find more information about cookies:

Technical cookies that do not require consent

La Bandiera, during its navigation on the pages of this site will install on its device and, in particular, in the navigation browser some c.d. cookies, that is information that allow us to store some useful data to:

to recognize that the Group’s websites have already been visited through its browser, and to record and remember any preferences that may have been set during navigation on these sites. For example, La Bandiera could save your login information, so you do not have to log in every time you access the site;

analyze the Group Sites and their use and to improve their services;

memorizing your choice regarding consent to the installation of profiling cookies.

The use by La Bandiera of these cookies and the related processes – for themselves and / or for the other companies of the Group – are necessary to allow the companies of the Group to make them available the contents published on our websites effectively and easy to consult.

The use of these cookies and the processing of the related ( treatments)DATA do not require, in accordance with the current regulations, their consent.

Furthermore, La Bandiera will install on your device and, in particular, in your browser or let third parties install some cookies that are necessary for us to acquire or let our partners acquire statistical information in anonymous and aggregated form relative to their browsing on the pages of Group sites.

In particular, these are cookies related to the following statistical analysis services: Google Analytics

Even for the use of these cookies and for the processing of personal data connected to it, it is not necessary, in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on privacy, to give your consent.

Cookies for which consent is required

If, in addition, you give your consent through one of the simplified procedures described in the brief information that was presented you at the time of your first access to a site of our Group or following the instructions below, La Bandiera may install and / or let install third-party companies listed below, additional cookies, cd profiling, which are intended to help La Bandiera – in its interest and / or in that of other Group companies – and / or help the third-party companies listed below to collect information on its interests and habits so as to propose commercial communications , as far as possible, of his interest or, in any case, consistent with his interests.

As has already been pointed out by means of the brief information that has been proposed to you when you first land on one of the sites of our Group, through the methods described therein you can give a single consensus that La Bandiera and the companies that follow install the aforementioned cookies on your device and put in place the resulting profiling treatment or deny such consent to La Bandiera and any other company.

It can also customize, modify or revoke all or part of the consent granted in this way through the options that we propose below.

For the processing of personal data that La Bandiera, with your consent, may be implemented through cookies:

I agree that La Bandiera can install profiling cookies and put in place – for themselves and / or for the other companies of the Group – the instrumental treatments for marketing activities better described in this information

I do not agree to allow La Bandiera to install profiling cookies and to put in place – for themselves and / or for the other companies of the Group – instrumental treatments for marketing activities better described in this information

For the processing of personal data that, with your consent, third-party companies not known by La Bandiera could put in place through cookies, by connecting to this link and using the related service you can customize your choices: http: //www.youronlinechoices. com / en / le-your- choices

We remind you that if you have made your choices browsing the pages of the Group sites by an unregistered user, your privacy options will be valid only when you return to visit the same pages using the same browser and always by an unregistered user. If, however, using a different device or simply a different browser we will not be in a position to recognize its options and we will propose, therefore, the information, asking you to make your choices again.

If, finally, were a user already registered to our services or registered later and when registering made or made different choices in relation to profiling, these options will only be valid when you browse the pages of our sites after being authenticated.

Support in configuring your browser

If you wish, you can directly manage cookies even through your browser settings. However, deleting cookies from your browser may remove the preferences you have set for the sites of the Group, so it would be advisable to periodically visit this page to recheck your preferences.

For further information and support you can also visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using:

– Internet Explorer – Firefox
– Safari
– Chrome

– Opera


Finally, we inform you that, at any time, you can exercise the rights recognized by art. 7 of the Privacy Code or, among others, those to modify and delete your personal data by sending an email to, together with a digital copy of your current identity document. We remind you that if you ask us to discontinue all processing of your personal data and not only those for promotional purposes, we will not be able to continue to provide you with the products or services you have requested and that, unless it requires us to discontinue sending promotional communications through automated systems, in case of your general request we will stop all processing of your personal data even through traditional tools. In any case, our company may keep some of your personal data if it proves necessary to defend or assert its right.

If you wish, the updated list containing the names of the Data Processors is available to you at the headquarters of the data controller, to whom you can also request it by e-mail by writing to